Thursday, 12 November 2009

Swishing at the V&A

This Saturday, the V&A are holding a very special swishing party.

It's free to attend and there will be stylist on hand to give you advice on what to take and what to leave for someone else to adore.

Saturday 14 November
Sackler Centre

Swishing – The Clothes Swap
Men bring your suits, Women bring your chic but unloved new and vintage fashion items.

Drop Off
Bring your clothes and pick up a ticket for the swap. Those who bring vintage will get a special vintage swap ticket as well.

Swishing Opens
One hour, One outfit. Take your time to choose the outfit (1 or 2 pieces) that suits you. Stylists will be on hand give advice on how to wear
your swish.

Swish Some More
Gather up all the swish you wish!

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