Saturday, 31 October 2009

Fashion Lovers it's Styel to Wear's Sample Sales List

Wanted to give you a run down of the sample sales I have been invited to, I am going to try and go to a few so if you need any style advice just grab me if you see me there. Sample sale shopping is not for every one but if you have a little time and want to find a bargin then this is the place to go.


The Music Rooms, 26 South Molton Lane, Mayfair, London
Warehouse and Sample Sale
From 05/11/09 to 07/11/09
Online designer sample sale offering the most wanted international runway collections at sample sale prices
From 03/02/09 to 31/12/09

Vivienne Westwood
30/40 Elcho Street, London
Warehouse sale
From 31/10/09 to 31/10/09

Designer Warehouse Sales
5-6 Islington Studios, Thane Villas, London
Men´s Sample Sale
From 30/10/09 to 01/11/09

The London Accessory Sale
T2, The Old Truman Brewery, 85 Brick Lane, London
Sample Sale
From 05/11/09 to 08/11/09

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Fashion on the streets on London

I am out there all the time and I am always fascinated with what people choose to wear, how they put outfits together and people's own personal sense of style, I am going to be out with my camera over the next few months and will post my finding here. I am going to be looking for classic style to modern individualism.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Catwalk Shopping with High Street Fashion

I get asked a lot "how do I recreate that catwalk look?" for both men and women it's easier than you think. Most high street fashion groups are very quick to get those catwalk looks out there for the benefit of you and any one who wants to look stylish for less. My tip is when you see something you like on the catwalk, keep you eye open on the high street and you might just grab a look straight off the runway.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Fashion for pets is it as important to them

Poppy lost her collar, I looked everywhere yesterday morning, we take it off at night so she can sleep comfortably and then yesterday morning it was gone. I looked everywhere and it got me to thinking, is her collar as important as I feel it is. OK its a fashion accessory to me and I think to her as well, its brown and pink and looks just lovely in her blond curls, so we had to get out her old tatty water stained (I can't bare to even call it a collar) and do you know what I think she felt different, she was less playful in the park and didn't run in circles around other dogs like she likes to do, showing off!

So today was another collar dampening day, just like the weather and then we get home, I start working on a presentation for tomorrow as I am giving a talk on fashion as a gift experience and then out the corner of my eye I see it in exactly the same place I had looked previously, typical.

We were so excited to have it back and it is now back round Poppy's neck where it belongs and she looks lovely and I feel happier so there must be something in pet fashion, it really is extremely important and that's what I will tell my husband when he catches me buying another new lead for her!

Fashion and Shopping is all about balance

How do I balance my body? My bottom is to big? well the best tip in the world is balance, want to wear skinny jeans but you bottom is on the larger side then balance out with big chunky boots and big knit, short jumper. It creates the shape you are looking for, some people create these lines easily some need some help but everybody can get there.

Walking in Heels, Fashion or Comfort

Walk in heels - it makes you feel better, it just does, you feel taller, sexier, more in charge and in control. So why are so many of us opting for flats. Is it just comfort or is it walking in heels with no real training, it is as we all know a skill we mastered at a very young age. so I have some tips, keep your heel smaller and slimmer it will give the appearance of length with out the toppling feeling. choose your heel for your outfit if your going heaver on top with a chunky knit, you can go chunkier with your shoe. Heels should be enjoyed not feared and a little bit of pain i guess is what we as women have jut come to expect.

I cam across a fantastic shop in Westfield yesterday, introduced to me by another stylist, that could change all that. Terra Plana have stylish, comfy heels with a twist, one of the ranges has memory foam in the sole so no more achy feet ladies and another of the ranges encourages balance across the foot, it really is worth checking out if your passing!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Winter Fashion for Rainy Day Shopping

Wile walking around the park early this morning with my little dog Poppy it occurred to me that we all want to look stylish even when it's raining and cold it makes you feel better, it makes you feel like you have a purpose and other take notice.

So with this I thought it was worth wile putting up my top rain day jackets that I love

If you really want a treat and but one that will last for year Orla Kiely's new line is beautiful and easy to wear in prints that make a statement without making you stand out for all the wrong reasons, I love it and you can check it out here it is expensive so beware.

A good mid range option is Boden's patent jackets, easy to wear look incredibly stylish and you want to wear it even when its not raining, I love it in Red but there are a few colours to choose from including black but stay away from that one if you can I am sure you have plenty of black in your wardrobe already.

and if you just want a good, practical rain proof that look great with boots and winter wellies try uniqlo's body warming Parker in some great colours.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Shopping on the internet

Is it a good thing that no matter what we need or want at any one time we can get it online, I think it is! I get an alert every morning from I don't always look at it fully but every so often something in the subject line will catch my eye, usually when its a brand I love like American Vintage and I just have to log on and have a good nose. They quite often have great stuff and its marked down considerably.

Maybe its just that I love fashion so much that no matter where I am the Internet means I can keep in touch with the latest trend and shocking savings any time I want. If you can then this site particularly is worth checking out but there are loads of others and will be posted here for you when ever I think of them!

Friday, 2 October 2009

Trying to find that dress!! with some style

I was contacted by a client earlier in the week, she has a function to go to in a couple of weeks and has no clue what to wear as this is quite formal. so my search for her has started.

First in Brentcross and then to my beloved Westfield (not sure what I ever did before Westfield) and found some lovely dresses for her to try on next week when we meet. I just wanted to add that some shops just never seem to have a full range of sizes and it is painful when you only have a few hours with someone.

I also have four clients all wanting the perfect pair of jeans and thanks to Westfield (love that place) I have found the best place to take them all (Not all at once) it has shelves and shelves of lovely amazing jeans in all colours and styles, I was even blown away I am so excited to see their lovely faces when I take them down.

Swapping is the new shopping

We all get such a rush from shopping, but can you imagine getting that same rush from swapping your clothes. It can become a little intense, especially when more that one of you wants the same thing, but it is so much fun and that all just adds to it.

As I was putting the clothes out at my last swap party on the 17th September I was once again blow away by how much amazing and cool item people had brought, that had either never been worn or practically new.

So don't miss the next one on the 12th October, drop me an email if you would like more details.