Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Walking in Heels, Fashion or Comfort

Walk in heels - it makes you feel better, it just does, you feel taller, sexier, more in charge and in control. So why are so many of us opting for flats. Is it just comfort or is it walking in heels with no real training, it is as we all know a skill we mastered at a very young age. so I have some tips, keep your heel smaller and slimmer it will give the appearance of length with out the toppling feeling. choose your heel for your outfit if your going heaver on top with a chunky knit, you can go chunkier with your shoe. Heels should be enjoyed not feared and a little bit of pain i guess is what we as women have jut come to expect.

I cam across a fantastic shop in Westfield yesterday, introduced to me by another stylist, that could change all that. Terra Plana have stylish, comfy heels with a twist, one of the ranges has memory foam in the sole so no more achy feet ladies and another of the ranges encourages balance across the foot, it really is worth checking out if your passing!

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