Friday, 2 October 2009

Swapping is the new shopping

We all get such a rush from shopping, but can you imagine getting that same rush from swapping your clothes. It can become a little intense, especially when more that one of you wants the same thing, but it is so much fun and that all just adds to it.

As I was putting the clothes out at my last swap party on the 17th September I was once again blow away by how much amazing and cool item people had brought, that had either never been worn or practically new.

So don't miss the next one on the 12th October, drop me an email if you would like more details.


  1. What a cool idea- how did you organize that event? I'd love to do something like that in my town.

  2. Great, where are you based? we started through my fashion business but like to include a bit of pampering on the evening so each person who attends get a free manicure or massage for their ticket price