Monday, 5 October 2009

Winter Fashion for Rainy Day Shopping

Wile walking around the park early this morning with my little dog Poppy it occurred to me that we all want to look stylish even when it's raining and cold it makes you feel better, it makes you feel like you have a purpose and other take notice.

So with this I thought it was worth wile putting up my top rain day jackets that I love

If you really want a treat and but one that will last for year Orla Kiely's new line is beautiful and easy to wear in prints that make a statement without making you stand out for all the wrong reasons, I love it and you can check it out here it is expensive so beware.

A good mid range option is Boden's patent jackets, easy to wear look incredibly stylish and you want to wear it even when its not raining, I love it in Red but there are a few colours to choose from including black but stay away from that one if you can I am sure you have plenty of black in your wardrobe already.

and if you just want a good, practical rain proof that look great with boots and winter wellies try uniqlo's body warming Parker in some great colours.


  1. Nice post! The red coats are fab! Definitely perfect for cold and rainy weather.

  2. Great jackets! I've been meaning to go buy a new coat...

  3. The rain has gone for the moment but we know it will be back, so it is worth the investment and you get a to look stylist at the same time!