Friday, 2 October 2009

Trying to find that dress!! with some style

I was contacted by a client earlier in the week, she has a function to go to in a couple of weeks and has no clue what to wear as this is quite formal. so my search for her has started.

First in Brentcross and then to my beloved Westfield (not sure what I ever did before Westfield) and found some lovely dresses for her to try on next week when we meet. I just wanted to add that some shops just never seem to have a full range of sizes and it is painful when you only have a few hours with someone.

I also have four clients all wanting the perfect pair of jeans and thanks to Westfield (love that place) I have found the best place to take them all (Not all at once) it has shelves and shelves of lovely amazing jeans in all colours and styles, I was even blown away I am so excited to see their lovely faces when I take them down.

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