Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Fashion for pets is it as important to them

Poppy lost her collar, I looked everywhere yesterday morning, we take it off at night so she can sleep comfortably and then yesterday morning it was gone. I looked everywhere and it got me to thinking, is her collar as important as I feel it is. OK its a fashion accessory to me and I think to her as well, its brown and pink and looks just lovely in her blond curls, so we had to get out her old tatty water stained (I can't bare to even call it a collar) and do you know what I think she felt different, she was less playful in the park and didn't run in circles around other dogs like she likes to do, showing off!

So today was another collar dampening day, just like the weather and then we get home, I start working on a presentation for tomorrow as I am giving a talk on fashion as a gift experience and then out the corner of my eye I see it in exactly the same place I had looked previously, typical.

We were so excited to have it back and it is now back round Poppy's neck where it belongs and she looks lovely and I feel happier so there must be something in pet fashion, it really is extremely important and that's what I will tell my husband when he catches me buying another new lead for her!

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